Three months to go…

It’s July already, and momentum is increasing in the Digital Expo, I’m pleased to say.

We now have 25 people interested via the blog, and more via Facebook. Those of you who use social media, could I ask you to visit the Christadelphian Digital Facebook page, and perhaps Like it:

Also, note the Event on that page, and state whether you plan to attend or not. I know it’s frustrating registering your interest in multiple places, but this is the best way to gather support for the event. Thanks!

Since June, we’ve had further offers of support on the day, including:

  • GDPR awareness
  • Bespoke¬†rota management system
  • Project Management

and we’ve had some questions/wish-lists raised around:

  1. The Christadelphian web-presence
  2. Digital Marketing to convert to face-to-face
  3. CRM databases
  4. Conference call software

If anyone knows of anyone able to offer something on these four items, please get in touch.

Finally, I think Leicester Westleigh might be thinking about helping us with catering options, but we can’t expect them to do too much, so any willing volunteers would be very welcome, let me know..


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