Test Stream

OK, with not long to go before the Expo on 22nd September we now have a test stream ready. This is being fed via a Raspberry Pi in my kitchen (pointed at our fish tank)… you should hear the faint, and soothing sound of bubbles, but little else.

I’ll be activating the stream each evening for 10minutes from 8pm BST (apart from Sundays and Wednesdays).
The URL you need is:

NB this is a test stream, head to /watch to view the Live stream. You’ll need to enter the password which is the final word from hymn 123 in the Green Christadelphian hymn book.

Feel free to leave comments on the Facebook page as to how it’s working for you:

Four months to go…

So, it’s just under four months to go before the digital expo 2018. We do hope it’ll be a positive and useful event that we will run each year to keep up-to-date with a fast-paced digital world.

So far we’ve had volunteers to demonstrate in the following categories:

  • Streaming AV – using Raspberry Pi and GStreamer (we hope to use this to stream the talks at the event in case you want to join us in real-time).
  • Podcasts – using podcasts to talk about God’s Word across the globe.
  • Digitisation of audio tapes into MP3 or other formats.

We’re still looking for more presenters/exhibitors, particularly in the area of:

  • GDPR – do you know a data protection expert who can give us the low-down on what we need to do as a community?
  • Graphic and illustration design
  • Managing ecclesial/church administration – software and tools to create a programme, manage voting, storing contact details etc.
  • Other…