About Us

We are a group of young Christadelphians working in the technology or digital industry. We’ve seen how amazing we can be when we share ideas, and the internet has made this possible for many in our community.

But sometimes you need to see something in person. From a well-designed flyer, or an info-graphic to a complicated piece of recording equipment.


A few of us in the technology industry realised that many ecclesias are pursuing the same activities (such as streaming our services, or managing databases of our contacts), yet with little, or no coordinated inter-communication. We concluded that this comes from our (admirable) lack of central leadership, so how better to improve the situation, we thought, than by a fraternal gathering of like-minded individuals.

God willing, the event will have a few keynote speakers summarising key topics such as GDPR or Social Media, and in between the talks having stalls with technology for visitors to see in action.

Our plea is that if you have an idea you wish to present, please get in touch via the website. Or if you’re keen to know what others are doing, please let us know you plan to come along and have a look.

Follow the blog leading up to the day

Who we are:

Andrew Palmer – Maidenhead

“I’ve been working at Brunel University London since 2001. Areas of interest include software development methodologies, design sprint activities and building online tools to make managing an ecclesia simpler.”

Tom Peel – Handsworth

“I’ve been creating Christadelphian Audio book Content with help from the WCF as well as soundbites from my favourite talks online.”

Josh Palmer – Whitestone

“I’m a Mechanical Engineer, a noob in comparison to others (as well as from a different industry), but who sees the need for much better sharing and communication in this area. I’m here to encourage and learn.”