One week to go!

Hi folks,
So, not long to go now until the Expo on 22nd September.

Just a few admin things:

1. The agenda has been amended slightly … check it out
2. Lunch – we think the best plan for lunch would be for everyone to bring packed lunches, and a designated dining area will be set aside in the hall for people to use when they get hungry. Drinks will be provided.
3. If you haven’t joined the test stream (8pm each day, apart from Wednesdays and Sundays), please do so:
4. Parking – early arrivals should be able to use Westleigh’s car park. If people can park all the way round we should be able to get all cars in. Alternatively there is a bit of parking further along under the bridge.

Looking forward to seeing you there, God willing.

Test Stream

OK, with not long to go before the Expo on 22nd September we now have a test stream ready. This is being fed via a Raspberry Pi in my kitchen (pointed at our fish tank)… you should hear the faint, and soothing sound of bubbles, but little else.

I’ll be activating the stream each evening for 10minutes from 8pm BST (apart from Sundays and Wednesdays).
The URL you need is:

NB this is a test stream, head to /watch to view the Live stream. You’ll need to enter the password which is the final word from hymn 123 in the Green Christadelphian hymn book.

Feel free to leave comments on the Facebook page as to how it’s working for you: