Digital Expo

Join us on 22nd September 2018 (God willing) to share and learn ideas to transform your ecclesia.

Whether you’ve painstakingly developed a technical solution or want to learn more about how technology can help with your outreach or administration, this is the event you must attend!


We’ve kindly been offered the use of Leicester Westleigh Christadelphian Hall


Update: 08/09/2018
Test Stream Details available


Update: 15/08/2018
Agenda for the day

Why are we doing this?

We realised that due to the absence of hierarchy and central administration in our fellowship, we must continually improve at a local (ecclesial) level. This often means coming up with the same technical solutions to solve common problems, like streaming our services over the internet, or projecting hymns quickly and easily.

The Digital Expo is an opportunity to see what amazing innovative ideas other ecclesias have discovered, and take them back with you.


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